Warning Signs of Hearing Loss - Beltone Hearing Aids Northern California

Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

  • Social
    • You think other people sound muffled or are mumbling.
    • You require frequent repetition.
    • You have difficulty hearing in noisy situations, like restaurants and malls.
    • You have trouble hearing children’s and women’s voices.
    • You have the TV and radio turned up to high volume.
    • You answer or respond inappropriately in conversations.
    • You read lips or more intently watch people’s faces when they speak to you.
    • You are often accused by others that you “only hear what want to hear” and have “selective listening”.
    • You are told to “forget it” by family and friends who get frustrated when having to repeat themselves.
    • You have been told that you speak too loudly.
  • Emotional
    • You feel stressed from straining to hear what others are saying.
    • You feel embarrassed to meet new people or from misunderstanding what others are saying.
    • You feel annoyed at other people because you can’t hear or understand them.
    • You feel nervous about trying to hear and understand.
    • You start to withdraw from social situations that you once enjoyed because of difficulty hearing.


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