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Our Team

Owner and Hearing Instrument Specialist

Anthony Hinson purchased the Beltone offices in Auburn and Yuba City in late 2011. He has now expanded his practice to include two Roseville offices and a Lodi office. The Lodi office has optical testing and dispensing available along with hearing aids. In 2014, he received the Regional Excellence Award and Growth Award from Beltone Corporation at their yearly convention.

Anthony started his professional career in 1988 after graduating from William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. In his years prior to purchasing his own offices, Anthony worked in the pharmaceutical field with Pfizer Inc. Anthony spent 15 years with Pfizer holding many positions within the organization and was recognized for his work with numerous awards and accolades. After leaving Pfizer in 2003, Anthony started to pursue his next chapter in his life and obtained his training license to fit, sell and adjust hearing aids. Two years later, he obtained his license and thus started his new career as a Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser. After working for a few hearing aid offices in Sacramento and Fresno, Anthony had the opportunity to work for himself and purchase the first two Beltone offices.

A family man, Anthony and his wife Margo, have one son and live in Sacramento. He splits his time with family and friends, caring for patients, and his passion for golf.

Debbie Young
Patient Care Coordinator

Debbie has worked in the hearing aid industry for over 20 years. She has been with Beltone Hearing Aid Centers for 11 years. As head office manager, she is in charge of the Auburn front office, along with insurance billing, training, staff questions, compilation of monthly reports for bookkeeper, and order / inventory control for Anthony’s five offices.
Her interest in working with hearing instruments and hearing impaired comes from her son being born profoundly deaf. Her understanding of the importance of hearing aids and concerns, help with patient’s questions at the front desk or contact by phone.

Sandy Hubbard
Patient Care Coordinator

Sandy has worked for Beltone Hearing Aid Centers for over 20 years. Her important role is to invite prospective clients, from our monthly mailers, to our offices for testing, consultation and demonstration of new technology. She also keeps in touch by telephone to our current patients every 3-6 months inviting them to obtain the services we provide – cleaning, servicing, adjustments, and yearly re-tests. She provides office assistance filling in for office manager and is in charge of the monthly accounts receivable billing.
She has first-hand experience with hearing aids, as her husband wore aids for over
15 years (due to working with heavy machinery and guns).

Janette Barajas
Patient Care Coordinator Hearing Instruments

Since the middle of 2015, Janette has proven to be a valuable member of the Beltone team! She has brought several years of experience in the medical field to Beltone as a service-focused receptionist and always presents herself in a professional manner. Her competency in coordinating appointments and referrals is a great first step to our patient’s experience. She is also educated in bookkeeping, insurance billing, and preparing medical records. Fluent in English and Spanish, Janette brings a personable approach to the Beltone experience.

Janet Benson, HA7938
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Janet Benson is the hearing instrument specialist in our Yuba City office and at our Sears location. Her previous work experience at hearing aid offices was in the Bay area from 1987 through 1994. She had a small respite from the hearing industry and worked in the computer field. Her personal experience, with hearing loss and wearing hearing instruments herself, helps her to give truthful and compassionate counseling to her patients.

Lolita Oberst
Patient Care Coordinator Optical

Lolita has been in the optical field for nearly twenty­five years. Her goal is to provide a comfortable, yet professional environment for anyone needing an eyeglass prescription filled, an adjustment, accessory or repair to their eye wear. Lolita’s promise is that each patient will receive the best service from herself regarding their eye wear and all subsequent services after visiting the optical office.

Daryl Rogers
ABOC, HA2996

For over 25 years, Daryl has been a certified hearing aid specialist. His areas of expertise have benefited thousands of hearing impaired individuals of all ages. From the fitting of the latest state of the art hearing instruments to the simple complementary consultations he supplies, Daryl has always been highly regarded choice for the hearing impaired in the Central Valley.

In addition, Daryl has been certified by the American Board of Opticians for the last 23 years and is licensed and registered to dispense ophthalmic lenses. As the only Beltone Hearing Aid Center on the west coast that offers a fully accredited optometry practice, Daryl and his staff of professionals will make sure that every hearing and optical need is met for the entire family. His management and supervision of both of these crucial areas makes Daryl a logical choice for all your hearing and vision needs.

Beth Gilbert
Patient Care Coordinator

Beth has been working in the hearing health care industry for 10 years. Her passion for working with hearing impaired started at a very early age since her sister was born hearing impaired. Beth currently works with Anthony in the Foothills Office located in Roseville, Ca. She has been a resident of Roseville for over 30 years and is proud to call the city her home.

Linda Doyle
Patient care coordinator

Linda has long experience with hearing and aids. Her daughter has been wearing hearing aids since she was nine years old. Linda has worked in the field for over 10 years and has really enjoyed it.
Linda loves working with people, has developed close bonds with them. Linda used to be a nurse and has a lot of medical knowledge..

Maren Sorensen
Patient care coordinator

Maren has worked for Beltone Hearing Aid Centers for four years. She is the office manager for the Yuba City office. She has lived in Yuba City her whole life and is very familiar with her community. She is in charge of scheduling, monthly accounts receivable billing, assisting the specialist with preparation of paperwork, and cleaning the clients hearing aids if needed. She is always there to help with any questions or concerns the client may have by phone or walk-in.


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