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Beltone Legend™

The Beltone Legend™ adapts to your unique situation and individual needs better than any other hearing aid on the market. It helps restore your natural hearing with ground-breaking features that mimic the sound difference between your ears, and give you control over which sounds you focus on.

Despite its vast array of technological features, the Legend has a small-nearly invisible-profile and is built to withstand vigorous activity and heavy weather. It’s also available in a variety of discreet models and color to suit your lifestyle.

There is no need to compromise when you choose the Beltone Legend™.


Personal Sound ID is an omnidirectional listening mode designed to maximize the positive effects of spatial hearing. It integrates two technologies that preserve acoustic cues: pinna restoration (mimics the directivity of the natural ear) and binaural compression (Helps to preserve the natural loudness difference between the ears using Ear-to-Ear information).

Made for iPhone™ functionality streams clear, clean sound from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the Legend, like wireless headphones. With a tap of your finger, you’ll have a whole new way to hear phone calls, music, movies, and audio from videos and games, turn-by-turn directions, FaceTime conversations, and Siri.

Ear-to-Ear Synchronization automatically applies program and volume changes from one hearing instrument to the other, so you never have to change the setting on both instruments. It also works in tandem with features like Smart Gain Pro and Sound Cleaner Pro to create a more accurate setting for better hearing.

Sound Shifter is a new feature that compresses the hard-to-hear frequency sounds into a smaller area of the sound spectrum where the sounds can be more easily heard. This allows you to enjoy the full sound spectrum without missing the important details.

Smart Gain Pro increases or decreases the noise reduction settings automatically when the hearing aid identifies a change in the listening environment so you don’t have to constantly make adjustments.

Feedback Eraser Combines with WhistleStop to eliminate unwanted noises and whistling when using the phone or hugging a loved one.

Sound Cleaner Pro Works together with Smart Gain Pro to provide a clean acoustic signal that removes unwanted noise and distractions.


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