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Beltone Promise

Don’t miss hearing the moments that make memories! Come and experience the new Beltone Promise™ line of hearing aids, and get the most natural sound possible.

Our second generation wireless products have improved features that offer natural sound for an enhanced listening experience including:

  • Ear-to-Ear Synchronization – allows the right amount of sound to be delivered at the right time for your ease of use. When you manually adjust one hearing aid, the change is immediately transferred to the other, hands-free.
  • Cross Link Directionality – optimizes the signal giving you the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing listening environment (available on Promise™ 17 only).
  • Smart Gain Pro – the gain and/or noise reduction setting automatically changes when the hearing aid identifies a change in your listening environment.

The improved memory of our technology enables new processing features to work more like a normal ear. Like ears do, Beltone Promise™ hearing aids automatically adjust as you move through your day, with a smooth, comfortable transition between different environments. The Promise™ offers environmental intelligence for every situation, so you choose what you want to listen to, allowing full engagement in social surroundings.

Even talking on the phone is fun again! The Promise™ automatically reduces the hearing aid volume on the opposite ear when a phone is placed on one ear, suppressing room noise. Now it’s easy to hear your conversation. The Promise™ also comes with additional features to reduce unwanted background noise, including an AFX Music Mode offering improved sound quality when enjoying music.


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