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The choice of a hearing aid style is a personal one, and depends on your lifestyle, degree of hearing loss, and other factors.
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Welcome to Beltone Northern California

Welcome to the Beltone Roseville In Sears, California Hearing Aid Centers website! Here you can learn more about our products and services, information about hearing healthcare, and where our offices are located. We designed the website to help you make the right decisions for your hearing healthcare.


We have exceptional products and services and a dedicated staff. We are proud to have been serving the community for more than 70 years. Our job is to help the world hear better. Isn’t it time you let Beltone help you?


“Beltone has given me back a whole lot of life quality.”
“In noisy family gatherings, it’s nice to be able to differentiate between listening to everybody and listening to those few that you’re having a conversation with. Now, I can also hear what my grandchildren are asking me and telling me.”

Peter, a retired Colonel, Royal Danish Air Force


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