Hearing Aid Repairs/Servicing - Beltone Hearing Aids Northern California

Hearing Aid Repairs/Servicing

Every Beltone hearing aid comes with our BelCare Service Plan. With 70 years of experience providing hearing aids to our patients, we have an unmatched reputation of service and dependability. If your hearing instrument needs to be repaired, our Beltone Factory Repair Lab ensures that it is fixed properly to meet Beltone standards.

Common repairs can be done in local Beltone Northern California offices by our licensed hearing care practitioners, with same-day service. If your hearing aid needs major repairs, it will be sent to the Factory Repair Center to be thoroughly tested and fixed. We only use Beltone parts and labor to ensure that your hearing aid continues to provide you with the best assistance.

We offer 6-month and 12-month warranties with all repairs. Repairs are usually completed within a week. Prices depend on service. Please contact the nearest Beltone Northern California office or complete the online appointment request form if you need your instrument repaired.

In our offices, we also offer other hearing aid brands and models with the same quality parts. We honor most manufacturer’s warranties.


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